East / The Forest Primeval, 50″ x 42″, 1998

Synchronous Forest

The paintings presented here comprise an exhibition entitled “Synchronous Forest: The Dance Of Nature and Technology”.  This was the collaborative creation of Lindy Lyman, visual artist, and Jeremiah Lyman Moore, sound and installation artist.

A rich textural environment of paintings, assemblage, and soundscape evoked reflection and dialogue.

The exhibition was presented in 1998 at Regis University, Denver, Colorado and in 1999 at The Museum of Outdoor Art, Englewood, Colorado.

Visitors progressed through the gallery beginning in the East, “The Forest Primeval”, then to the South, “The Forest Peopled”, then to the West, “The Forest Radiant and Reverberant”, and full circle to the North, “The Forest Deep and High”.

A fifth painting, “Ancient Source”, was hung in a central space within the four cardinal directions.   It speaks to the deep legacy of ancient wisdom, the connecting source which holds all of life together.

Medium: Acrylic, inks, found papers, found objects, on unprimed canvas.