My art making and teaching centers around peace and delight, process and materials.

As a studio artist and art educator for four decades, I can attest to the empowerment that evolves with discovering our own inspirations, insights, and possibilities.

My particular area of interest is mixed media. Favorites are acrylic, watercolor, gouache, inks, oil pastels, resists, found papers, found objects, interesting cloth. Favorite grounds are paper, canvas, and wood – including tree branches.

Mixed media can offer endless layers of interest and meaning. I especially enjoy creating installations and collaborations with others.

My teaching style is inquisitive, expressive, and inspired by nature. I always begin with a grounding in direct observation, using all the senses. 

The student is then guided into abstraction and imagination.

All the arts : music, song, dance, storytelling, poetry, are integrated into the art making process and its presentation.

Science, geography, math, history, and writing skills are often added to the mix.

All the rich cultures of the Planet inspire my art and teaching, especially those of Africa, Asia, India, and the Native Americas.

Studying within cultural contexts shares in the hearts and minds of artmakers around the world.

Art is a universal language and can inspire peace and understanding for the Planet.

And as always, play and spontaneity are essential ingredients.

Preparing for Young Artist classes
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