Dance II Crisscross, 1979


The Crisscross Drawings dared me to delve beyond words into the interweavings of life’s matrix.

The aroma of a strawberry garden, the sensation of a season, the death of a friend, the memory of a dance recital… all infuse the fabric of daily life.

“A sense of expressive gesture is highlighted in Lindy’s drawings. Many contemporary women artists have utilized the grid-format in their work. Most of these artists have been intrigued by the dichotomy between rigidity, repetition, restraint, and order … contrasted with their own personal chaotic, unpredictable, and vulnerable experiences.  Lindy Lyman’s grids are like fluttering ribbons which undulate over the surface forming diamonds of glowing color.  The tension of the grid as a confining element is relaxed as the network of lines and spaces pulsates, expands, and contracts creating a luminous membrane.”           ~  Suzanne McCauley Martin, Art Historian at Colorado Women’s College, Owner of The Grover-McCauley Gallery, Denver, Colorado, Solo Show, 1979

Medium: Color pencil and India ink on charcoal paper