Mineral Kingdom, 18" x 18", 2011Mineral Kingdom, 18″ x 18″, 2011

The Six Discs

These discs were originally created as a three-artist collaborative piece. Called “Core Sample,” the sculpture was exhibited at The Art Students League of Denver.

The discs appear in the order in which they were created. They constitute the inspiration, substance, and process of the artist’s life. Because they speak to the body, the Earth, and the beyond, they are called “Worlds of Inspiration”.

The paintings commemorate six ways the artist’s life is built and nourished:


The Mineral Kindom

The Flora Kingdom

The Fauna Kingdom

Light and Sound

Love, Wisdom, and Knowledge

Sun, Moon, and Stars

Medium: Acrylic, inks, rice paper, found papers, found objects, metallic leaf, on recycled wood and board.