Yemaya I and II, 18" x 10", 2006Yemaya I and II, 18″ x 10″, 2006


The Orishas were born in the ancient Yoruba culture of Nigeria and Dahomey, West Africa.  During the African-Atlantic Diaspora, they also took up residence in Brazil, Cuba, Haiti, Puerto Rico, New York City, and Salvador.

The Orishas are the divinities, gods, goddesses, lords, kings, and queens of African-Atlantic culture.  They embody the deep forces of nature, the human spirit, and the cosmos.  Music, dance, sculpture, vestments, ceremony, food, shrines, and human presence ~ all express the spirit of The Orishas.

These particular Orisha sculptures are inspired by the music, dance, and teachings of Baba Adetunji Joda, Maikudi Shoaga and family, Mama Tish Williams, and Bob Hall.

Medium: Tree branches, paper clay, acrylic paint, and found objects.